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 Rising Tide's professional custom tattooers are the best in the biz. We pride ourselves on experience, artistry, professionalism, kindness and integrity. Meet our team below and view galleries of their work.





If you’ve been to Rising Tide lately, you’ve probably met our front man, Ryan. He’s been getting tattooed since 2006. His first tattoo was by this biker guy named Burt who had spent a good amount of time in prison tattooing but worked at this shop called Screamin' Demons.

The first Tattoo shop he started working in was called Self Inflicted Studios in St. Louis, MO back in 2008. He’s been managing tattoo shops around 10 years or so.

On Instagram @ryanhate

Inspired by Tattoo history and Japanese culture.

Wonders why you're not in here getting tattooed.

Good to know He’s patient, he has lots of tattoo knowledge (sizing/what's doable/placement/pricing/what's cool/what we offer) and he loves explaining the process. He is genuinely looking out for the client’s best interest. Is more than happy to help first-timers who are nervous and have a lot of questions.






Been tattooing since 1998.

Started out in Boulder.

On Instagram, he is not!

Inspired by Asian-influenced and Japanese-style tattoos, as well as traditional Americana style.

Wonders why he didn’t become an astronaut or a rodeo cowboy.

Good to know that he likes to spend his free time with his family and his daughter, and plays soccer to stay sane.






Been tattooing since 2012.

Started out in So. Cali.

On Instagram @tarynmce_tattoo

Inspired by traditional Americana-style tattoos with a feminine edge.

Wonders if other people sing the Moana soundtrack in the shower.

Good to know that Taryn is a mom of three girls, married, and came to Colorado to plant some roots, and join a crew of serious tattooers. If you would like to book an appointment with her please email her at tarynmcetattoo@gmail.com






Been tattooing since 1996.

Started out in Jersey.

On Instagram @phillbartell

Inspired by the Japanese tattoo lineage, Tibetan Thangka painting, and Art Nouveau.

Wonders why landlines and answering machines went the way of the dinosaurs.

Good to know Phill currently travels the globe tattooing at conventions and working as a guest artist, and is in the process of opening a new shop in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico called Rosa Negra Ink. He returns to Rising Tide several times per year, and often books out months in advance. Contact the shop to get on his U.S. schedule, or come to Mexico to get tattooed sooner! 






Been tattooing since 1997.

Started out in Richmond, VA at Enigma Studio.

On Instagram @mo__malone

Inspired by comics, landscapes, and realism. Her style has been described as illustrative and painterly.

Wonders why some people think their dog is a lawn ornament.

Good to know Mo is a certified master gardener and enjoys riding BMX and spending time with her animals in her free time. She enjoys tattooing full color & black and grey large scale work. She is new to the area and is currently taking appointments. If you would like to set up a consultation/appointment email her at bmxcatladymo@gmail.com