Tattoo Tourism in Mexico


What’s better than a world-class, custom tattoo?

A world-class, custom tattoo and a vacation!

Perhaps you’ve heard of the growing trend towards “medical tourism,” but have you ever thought about tattoo tourism?
Rising Tide Tattoo owner Phill Bartell currently runs a second shop in the picturesque coastal town of Bucerias, Mexico. Because the cost of living is much lower in Mexico, his prices in pesos are about half the prices he charges in dollars in Boulder, CO…which means for the price you’ll pay for a large tattoo in the U.S., you could get a large tattoo and a sweet vacation!


If you are in the Boulder/Denver area, United, Frontier, and Southwest Airlines fly direct daily, landing at the Puerto Vallarta airport (PVR), just 25 minutes away from our studio in Bucerias. Phill’s schedule is also more open and flexible while in Mexico, allowing him to spend more time on each custom tattoo.
If you’re looking to get in with Phill quickly, and could use a little escape from the winter freeze, book your vacation now and get in touch with him directly on Instagram to make an apt. (@phillbartell).

Rising Tide